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Products: DIESEL EN590 10 PPM


TTO Transaction Procedure

  1. Buyer issue ICPO with banking details
  2. Seller and buyer signs Memorandum of Understanding for Title Take Over of the loaded cargo
  3. Upon signing of the M.O.U, seller issues to the following documents;
    • Certificate of origin of Product
    • Bill of Lading (in initial buyer’s name)
    • Vessel Q88 Document
    • Cargo manifest
    • Product Passport (Quantity & Quality analytical report)
    • Ullage Report
    • E.T.A (Estimated time of arrival) of Vessel.
    • Invoice for Title Transfer

   4a. Buyer pays for the Allocation Title Transfer of the product into their company name to get the certificate of ownership of cargo as needed, and also enable all partial pop documents on the name of the previous buyer company name be reversed to this new buyer company name.

   4b. Buyer can pay for the vessel rerouting cost direct to the shipping company before vessel captain can be         instructed to sail the vessel direct to destination port of the new buyer who is ready to take over the stocks.

   Note: BUYER need to choose from each of these options 4.a. or 4.b., in clearing one of these fees in option 4.a. or 4.b. to get the vessel on new buyer’s destination track.

  1. Upon confirmation for each of these payments, seller instructs the vessel captain to sail the vessel to buyer’s destination port and change the products Title and shipping docs to the buyer company name and issues all new ownership documents to Buyer Company inclusive of reversed Bill of Lading (importer/consignee) within 24 hours.
  2. Upon arrival of the product at buyer’s destination port, buyer conducts CIQ on the product and release remaining balance of the cargo via MT103 after satisfaction of CIQ result.

International Commercial Agency for connecting Buyers and Sellers of Bulk Agro-Commodities in Global Market

USA Office

India Office:

Trade Notices:

  1. Wheat Export Ban Notification – Min. of Commerce, GOI
  2. Export Policy of Rice – Min. of Commerce, GOI