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Products: Sugar & Jaggery

Brazilian Sugar ICUMSA 45


  • Brazilian sugar refers to sugar that is produced in Brazil, which is one of the largest producers and exporters of sugar in the world. Brazil has favorable climatic conditions and vast agricultural lands, making it well-suited for sugarcane cultivation and sugar production.

  • Brazilian sugar is known for its high quality and is in high demand in the international market. It is exported to numerous countries worldwide, including the United States, European Union countries, Middle Eastern nations, and many others. The sugar industry plays a significant role in the Brazilian economy, generating revenue and providing employment opportunities.

  • Brazilian sugar is typically available in various forms, including granulated sugar, powdered sugar, and brown sugar. The type and grade of sugar can vary depending on customer specifications and intended use.

Product Specifications

ColourSparkling Crystal White
Polarisation99.80% Max
Moisture0.04% Max.
Ash Content0.04% Max
Sulphate Ash0.04% Max
Red. Sugar0.05% Max by Weight
AS:1 PPM Max
SubstanceSolid Crystal
Solubility100% Free Flowing
SmellFree of any Odour
SO220 PPM Max
Mag. Particles4Mg/Kg Max

Brazilian Sugar Sales Procedure

LOIThe Buyer issues a complete LOI (Letter of Intent), including their Bank details to the Seller. For SBLC, the Importer’s Bank must be in the Top 50 Prime Banks List.
Exporter Sends SCO.The Exporter will send a SCO (Soft Corporate Offer) to the Buyer containing the Product Offer, with Specifications, Procedure and Prices.
Buyer Sends ICPO & POFThe buyer signs and seals the SCO and returns it to the Exporter together with the ICPO (IRREVOCABLE CORPORATE PURCHASE ORDER). At this time, the buyer will send the POF (PROOF OF FUNDS) to the Exporter through Bank to Bank (the Buyer's Bank sends it directly to the Exporter's Bank). The POF can be a BCL (BANK COMFORT LETTER) that will contain a description of the goods, quantities, the total value of the contract and the monthly amount returned, expressed in US dollars.
Exporter sends the POPUpon receipt of the above Documents [POF], the Exporter’s Bank will issue the POP (Proof of Product) to the Buyer. This document certifies the existence and availability of the merchandise and will be endorsed by the Exporter’s Bank, which will send it directly to the Buyer’s Bank.
Exporter Sends FCOFor the Chinese Buyers: Along with the POP, the exporter will inform to the buyer the registration number at China Customs, proving previous operations. This is the exporter/seller registration at AQSIQ, General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine of the People’s Republic of China (AQSIQ) record. It is a ministerial, administrative organ directly under the State Council of the People’s Republic of China in charge of inspection, entry-exit health quarantine, import-export food safety, certification and accreditation, standardization, as well as administrative law-enforcement. The Exporter will send the buyer an FCO (FULL CORPORATIVE OFFER) The buyer must sign, stamp the FCO and return it to the Exporter. The Seller issues the SPA project (SALES PURCHASE AGREEMENT) which is the Purchase and Sale contract.
The seller returns along with his review and comments on the draft Contract.
Breach of ContractThe following penal clause is established in the contract: In case of breach of contract by the buyer or seller, the offending company will be charged a fine of 3% of the value of the shipment.
Replace PB ClauseThe Legal Department of Seller Company replaces the issuance of the PB (PERFORMANCE BOND) with the contractual clause mentioned here, which in itself guarantees and obliges both parties to comply with the terms agreed in the Transaction Agreement (CONTRACT).
No Bank GuaranteeThe Exporter will not demand from the buyer a deposit insurance or bank guarantee that guarantees the collection of the fine in case of non-compliance on his part.
InsuranceThe Exporter will hire and PAY 110% insurance to cover losses that occur in the cargo during the Operation, between the port of origin and the port of destination.
Notarize the DocumentsAll contracts are NOTARIZED, APOSTILLED (Haya Convention) and governed by the ICC (INTERNATIONAL CHAMBER OF COMMERCE) thus guaranteeing compliance with the commitments assumed with the full support of the law.
Buyer issues SBLCBuyer issues SBLC according to its Bank rating. This Irrevocable Letter of Credit must be DIVISIBLE and TRANSFERABLE to allow our Investment Fund to complement the payment of the merchandise to the Original Producer and arrange the packaging, loading and availability at the Port of Shipment for inspection and certification of the SGS -. After SGS certification, attesting to the product characteristics contained in the shipping documentation, the goods are loaded onto the ship.
Bill of LadingThen the B/L (BILL OF LADING) will be issued.
It is the document delivered by the shipping company when the merchandise is loaded on board the ship.
Important document that gives title to the merchandise. It is necessary for the buyer to remove the cargo from the port of destination.
Bank DocumentsAfter receiving the B/L, attaching all the legal shipping documents and all the certifications required by the Bank, the Bank makes the payment through MT 103. The bank guarantee is renewed for the following year.

Price Table

Following are the tentative Prices. Please send us your Letter of Intent (LOI) to quote you Current Price of the Product.
12,500 X 12 MonthsUS$380.00
25,000 X 12 MonthsUS$350.00
50,000 X 12 MonthsUS$345.00
100,000 X 12 MonthsUS$343.00
150,000 X 12 MonthsUS$342.00
200,000 X 12 MonthsUS$340.00

Terms & Conditions

Minimum Order Quantity25,000 Metric Tonne
Country of OriginBrazil
PackingBulk Packing for Vessel Loading
Insurance110% by Seller
Delivery Within 4-6 weeks, from the date of approval of LC by our Bank, depending upon availability of Vessel.
InspectionAll products are Quality & Quantity wise certified by SGS.
Payment Terms:100% SBLC (MT766)/DLC (MT700), Irrevocable, Transferable, revolving, Confirmed from Top 25 Prime Bank, payable against Documents at Port of Loading.
Commission:Brokers may please contact us for payable commission
Offer Validity30th June 2023

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Trade Notices:

  1. Wheat Export Ban Notification – Min. of Commerce, GOI
  2. Export Policy of Rice – Min. of Commerce, GOI