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Diesel En590 10ppm

  • Diesel EN590 10 PPM is a type of diesel fuel that meets the European standard EN590 for automotive diesel oil. The “10 PPM” refers to the maximum sulphur content of the fuel, which is 10 parts per million (ppm) or less.
  • Low-sulphur diesel fuels such as EN590 10 PPM are required in many parts of the world to meet emissions regulations and reduce air pollution. The lower sulphur content in the fuel allows diesel engines to operate more efficiently and with less emissions of harmful pollutants such as particulate matter and nitrogen oxides.
  • EN590 10 PPM diesel fuel is commonly used in modern diesel engines, including those in passenger cars, trucks, buses, and heavy equipment. It is typically available at fuel stations that offer diesel fuel, and is used in many countries throughout Europe and around the world.

product Specifications

Cetane Number (4)Minimum 51.0EN ISO 5165,
EN 15195
UNE-EN ISO 165, UNE-EN 15195D 613
Cetane Index (4)Minimum 46.0EN ISO 4264UNE-EN ISO 4264D 4737
Density at 15 Deg.CKg/m3820 to 845 (5)EN ISO 3675
EN ISO 12185
UNE-EN ISO 12185
D 4052
D 1298
Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (6)% m/mmaximum 8EN 12916UNE-EN 12916
Sulphur contentmg/kgmaximum 10EN ISO 20846
EN ISO 20884
UNE-EN ISO 20846
UNE-EN ISO 20884
Distillation (7):
65% V/V collected
85% V/V collected
95% V/V collected

Deg.C cc

minimum 250
maximum 350
maximum 360

EN ISO 3405


D 86

Terms & Conditions

Minimum Order Quantity50,000 Metric Tonne
Country of OriginKazakhstan
PackingBulk for Vessel Loading
Insurance110% by Seller
Delivery Within 2-4 weeks, from the date of approval of Documents, depending upon availability of Vessel.
InspectionAll products are Quality & Quantity wise certified by SGS.
Payment Terms:To be discussed
Commission:Brokers may please contact us for payable commission

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