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We Connect Buyers & Sellers
From Global Market

Let’s take the first step together and help you to get first sale/order.
We are here to help you in every step of the Sales Process.

One Step Ahead

Hi, I am Surya Jain

Greetings from Surya Jain, CEO, Organicfud international. We are International Commercial Agents. We connect buyers and sellers of bulk agro commodities and Petroleum Products from global market.
We help buyers & sellers of bulk agro commodities for human consumption, animal feeds and food process industries.

Explore What We Are Dealing In

Agro Products

Petroleum Products

Crude Oil

Crude oil is a raw natural resource that is extracted from the earth and refined into products such as diesel, jet fuel, and other petroleum products. It is composed of hydrocarbon deposits etc.

Diesel En590 10 PPM

EN 590 is the current standard for all automotive diesel fuel sold in the European Union member states and other countries. This grade of fuel is also called ultra-low sulphur diesel (ULSD).

JET A-1 Fuel

Jet A-1. Jet A-1 is a kerosine grade of fuel suitable for most turbine engined aircraft. It has a flash point minimum of 38 degrees C (100°F) and a freeze point maximum of -47 degrees C.

Six steps to success

We Will Help You at Every Step Of The Way

We will help you at every step during your entire Sales/ Purchase journey.


Buyer Sends LOI

Buyer sends us Letter of Intent with Product Requirement and Specification with Quantity, Delivery, Target Price etc. 


Seller sends FCO

Seller or his Mandate sends the Full Corporate Offer with product and its Specification, Delivery, Price, Payment Terms, Product Specification, Sales Procedure etc. Buyer returns with Seal & Signature as approval. 


Buyer sends ICPO

Buyer Sends Irrevocable Corporate Purchase Order to Seller with additional information about Company Profile and Passport copies Buyer & Representative visiting the Seller. Buyer obtains Bank Conformity Letter (BCL) as Proof of Funds and sends to seller.


Seller Sends NCNDA, PI & SPA

A Sale and Purchase Agreement (SPA) is a legal contract that binds a seller and a buyer to sell and purchase the product on the agreed-upon terms. Seller also enters into NCNDA which is also signed by both the Parties along with Proforma Invoice.


Buyer sends LC

ICPO, BCL, PI, SPA & NCNDA are submitted by Buyer in the Bank and obtains Draft Documentary Letter of Credit (DLC) and sends to Seller who obtains approval from his Banks. Based on the approval final DLC is obtained by Buyer and sent to Seller’s Bank.



Seller dispatches Cargo

Seller’s bank receives the DLC and approves it. Seller arranges delivery of Cargo on the vessel and submits Delivery Documents and obtains payment from the Bank. On arrival of the Cargo at the Delivery Port, Buyer arranges Customs Clearance and take Delivery of Cargo.

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International Commercial Agency for connecting Buyers and Sellers of Bulk Agro-Commodities & Petroleum Products  in Global Market

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Trade Notices:

  1. Wheat Export Ban Notification – Min. of Commerce, GOI
  2. Export Policy of Rice – Min. of Commerce, GOI